copper and brass dumbbells

Hantlar Dumbbells


Luxury Dumbbells crafted from Stainless Steel, Copper & Brass

We manufacture luxury dumbbells from 100% pure metals. No castings, no plating, no coating. Only solid bars.

We make 2 unique designs: 

Pro-Style dumbbells and Studio dumbbells


Pro-Style Dumbbells

Pro-style dumbbells are pre-assembled fixed-type dumbbells. 

Available from 5 lbs up to 250 lbs. You can choose materials for handles and end-caps.

Hantlar pro style dumbbells
Copper handle, brass end-caps, stainless steel weight plates, stainless steel bolts

Our dumbbells are engineered to perfection with an accurate center of gravity (CG), perfect knurling, and a hygienic finish with a 6-step polishing process.

Studio Dumbbells

Studio dumbbells are pre-assembled fixed dumbbells with a three-piece design that looks like a one-piece.  Available from 5 lbs up to 40 lbs

You can choose materials for weights as well as handles. 

You can also choose straight/curvy/thick handles. 


starting US$ 10 per pound for pro-style
$ 10 per pound (Lbs)
  • We can customize
  • We ship worldwide


The price for Stainless Steel Pro-style dumbbells starts at US$10 per pound for SS304 and US$12 per pound for SS316 Marine grade dumbbells. The price for studio dumbbells starts at US$12 per pound for SS304 and US$14 per pound for SS316 marine grade dumbbells. Price varies by material choice (Copper, Brass, SS304, SS316). Please contact us for a quote.