copper and brass dumbbells

Hantlar Dumbbells

Design & Craftsmanship

Luxury dumbbells crafted from certified premium materials

Stainless steel 

Two unique designs: 

1) Studio dumbbells 
2) Pro-Style dumbbells


Studio Dumbbells

Studio dumbbells are pre-assembled fixed dumbbells with a three-piece design that looks like one-piece.  Available from 1 Lb up to 50 Lb

2Lb wooden dumbbells

Pro-Style Dumbbells

Pro-style dumbbells are pre-assembled fixed-type dumbbells. 

Available from 5 Lb up to 250 Lb. Choice of materials.

Hantlar pro style dumbbells
Copper handle, brass end-caps, stainless steel weight plates, stainless steel bolts

Hantlar dumbbells are engineered to perfection with an accurate center of gravity (CG), perfect knurling, and a hygienic finish with a 6-step polishing process.

Marine Grade

Both designs (Pro-style dumbbells and Studio dumbbells) are also available in Yacht worthy marine grade Stainless steel 316L

100% Stainless steel 316


starting US$ 10 per pound for pro-style
$ 10 per pound (Lbs)
  • We can customize
  • We ship worldwide

How to order

Contact us, once materials are finalized, we manufacture and ship your set in less than 6 weeks.