Our pro-style dumbbells with modular design enable easy storage and assembly of up to 250 lbs of dumbbells.

Easy storage and assembly charts for pro-style dumbbells: 

CHART#1 – 5 to 100 Lbs

CHART#2 – 105 to 250 Lbs

We also manufacture pro-style dumbbells in KG. Weight plates and end caps for ‘KG dumbbells’ are different than ‘LBS dumbbells’. The handles and bolts are the same. 

CHART#1 – 2.5 to 50 Kg

CHART#2 – 52.5 to 125 Kg

Our pro-style dumbbells can be shipped pre-assembled or loose. Using our assembly charts, a full range of dumbbells with a combination of desired materials can be quickly assembled on-site. This allows greater flexibility with reduced inventory while fulfilling custom orders. Each product is laser-marked to avoid confusion. Assembly instructions and examples are provided in each chart.

Display: Miniature versions of our pro-style dumbbells are available. Easy to air-ship and carry.

Please contact us for details.