Marine grade Stainless steel dumbbells

Marine Grade

stainless steel bolt for pro style dumbbells
Pro-style Marine grade SS316

We manufacture Marine-grade Stainless steel dumbbells crafted from 316-grade Stainless steel. 316 and 316L (low carbon) are often considered to be the best choice for marine applications. 316 Stainless steel contains high amounts of chromium and nickel and a significant amount of molybdenum (about 2% to 3%) which results in increased corrosion resistance even when exposed to sea weather. Copper and Brass are often used in marine applications along with 316 Stainless steel. Copper and Brass are non-ferrous metals (do not contain iron) and therefore, a good choice for marine applications. Our Pro-style marine-grade SS316 dumbbells can also be ordered with Copper or Brass handles and Brass end-caps. Our studio dumbbells can be ordered in Copper or Brass options as well. Marine-grade Stainless Steel 316 dumbbells are best for Yacht gyms, luxury cruise gyms, beach gyms, or properties near the sea. Stainless steel 316 survives salty sea weather. These will never rust. Each Hantlar dumbbell set is shipped with a Material test certificate (MTR) for all metals used. We use only 100% pure materials. No castings/coatings/plating, only solid bars. Choose marine grade 316 Stainless steel when ordering pro-style dumbbells or studio dumbbells.

Pro-style Marine grade SS316
Stainless steel dumbbells by Hantlar Rostfri
Studio Marine grade SS316


starting US$ 12 per pound for pro-style
$ 12 per pound (Lbs)
  • We can customize
  • We ship worldwide


The price for Marine grade Stainless Steel 316L Pro-style dumbbells starts at US$12 per pound. The price for Marine grade Stainless steel Studio dumbbells starts at US$14 per pound. Price varies by material choice for handles and end-caps (Copper, Brass, SS316L). Please contact us for a quote.