Studio dumbbells

Studio dumbbells

Studio dumbbells are fixed pre-assembled dumbbells. 

A three-piece design that looks like a one-piece. 



stainless steel dumbbells


Stainless steel copper dumbbells

SS & Copper

stainless steel brass dumbbells

SS & Brass

copper dumbbells

Copper & Copper

brass dumbbells

Brass & Brass

copper and brass dumbbells

Brass & Copper

Set No.12

You can order studio dumbbells as set no. 12 or include them in Set No. 0 - a custom set.

5 lbs to 40 lbs
(about 2½kg to 20kg)
SET No.12 has
8 pairs of dumbbells
(total 16 dumbbells)

5 lbs x 2
10 lbs x 2
15 lbs x 2
20 lbs x 2
25 lbs x 2
30 lbs x 2
35 lbs x 2
40 lbs x 2

Total weight: 360 Lbs
(about 165 Kg)

Choose your handle style
Available with wood handles
or transparent handles
Choose your materials

Shipping: Securely packed in individual boxes. Ships in one wooden box.


starting US$ 12 per pound for Stainless steel Studio dumbbells
$ 12 per pound (Lbs)
  • We can customize
  • We ship worldwide


The price for Stainless Steel Studio dumbbells starts at US$12 per pound. Price varies by material choice (Copper, Brass, SS). 

Please contact us for a quote.